Saturday, January 29, 2011

So sad

OK so, last nite I started thinking about Celeste. As tears down the sides of my face and soggied up my pillow I put this up on FB:

"Have you ever met someone who stained your heart? Some1 who made you instantly feel like your a good person? She would repeat some of the random things I said in reply to a question with the echo of profound thought. YES! She made me feel special. She ...made me feel good! She appreciated everything I do for my child. You know how one lie will spoil a thousand truths? Celeste was the eraser or of that lie if that makes any sense. Everyone can agree that your one way, but when the person you most care about says otherwise... it HURTS! Turbulent times in my life and then came Celeste! She helped me in more ways than she'll ever know. I think about her often, and even tho I feel like I was the last person to meet her, I miss her. Tonite I mourn my friend! I miss you Celeste! I cant wait 2 see you again, tell you about all the changes in my life, and how my baby has grown. Introduce you 2 Jasmine, and just live."

And then today as I didn't put the two together until I sat down my baby and I went to Bro. Howell's Memorial. Sitting there it was too much for me to deal with. I kept spacing out, but I didn't regret being there. Its just that I'm tired of death and the pain that it causes. It wasn't until someone asked me if I was OK that I realized how not OK I was. We went and said our hellos to the family and then my baby and I left. It was hard to even smile at people but I did it some how. We went to TJ's and I spaced out in the car for a minute. Fortunately we were in the parking lot sitting in the car. I realized it when the people in the car in front of us kind of stared at us.

When I came home.... AWWWWWW! Mexican Egg Nog to the rescue! During my second shot of Egg Nog my baby said to me, I'm cutting you off at two. Didn't realize I was drowning my sorrows in Egg Nog, but I was. So my baby asked me to help them with a puzzle and it they were right, doing the puzzle helped me think about something else. But don't ask me how much food I've eaten today. Its just not a good day.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

maneandchic: To Waist Length: The Regimen

maneandchic: To Waist Length: The Regimen: "My hair April 2007 Do you remember what my hair looked like back in April 2007? I've come a long way. I feel like its taken forever, but I..."

Ok, so happy to have found this site. I will have to sit down one day and read all the informaiton she has on here. This is so the direction I want to go in.... I need to understand how she did it. AND COPY!

Friday, January 21, 2011

R blogs supposed 2b like ur diary

Am I doing this wrong? I used to keep a diary, from elementary school on up. In my adult life I've called it my "Journal" but now I write here. Am I doing this wrong? Am I sharing too much? Do u even wanna hear me whine like I do, because fog has set in? I don't know I read other people's blog and they have a real sense of purpose and structure. Mine is totally moody, and truly about "A day n da life of Lizzy".  I don't know maybe I shut this whole thing down.....

Betty #1 is getting married!!!

Yay! My friend at work Betty #1 is getting married y'all. Betty and her husband of 12 years (I think) are getting remarried. Watching her slowly become more and more excited about the whole thing is making me excited. She is WONDERFULLY creative and I cant wait to see how she puts it all together. I love to see a person's personality in the things they create. And a wedding is a blank canvas that you fill with bits and pieces of your personality. You heard me go on the other night, but I love to see other people's visions come out.
To date there's only been one wedding that truly disappointed. And it was just that I thought everyone knew that the reception is really for your family and friends to come together with you and celebrate your nuptials. This person knew that they were marrying into a large family, but did EVERYTHING in there power to avoid the family. Family offered to help, etc but the bride wasn't having it. That was disappointing as the situation was close to my heart. :o( I could go on, but it makes me sad so I wont.

But I'm so excited for Betty #1, she has the cutest family, and I cant wait to see pictures of their special day.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My weekend

Looking at my post I didn't tell you about my weekend. It was awesome, with a few sad moments sprinkled in. Saturday was the Cocktail party, and I don't know why the shyness came over me and I found myself in the kitchen talking to my cousins. Good conversations for sure, but I didn't mingle like I needed to. Oh well, if my weekend would've stopped there I can see being disappointed about the outcome. But I reluctantly left the party at 1am, but I had to go home and cook anyways. I didn't get in the bed until after three and then I couldn't fall asleep. But THEN I was up by 8am and out the house by 8:40am. I did so good. I made the cake Saturday before the party and made the potatoes that night. Sunday I spent most of my day cleaning my cousin's beautiful kitchen. Now I know that doesn't normally sound like fun, but her house is beautiful, and I felt like I was doing a good thing. I know I hate cleaning up after I've had company. One time I had company and when they left I found the strength to get up to clean and found that my guest had cleaned up everything. It was the MOST awesome feeling ever. So knowing how that made me feel, I try to remember to pass on the love. It was getting late and we were still having fun! That was awesome! Then tragedy struck, my cousin got the call that her father-in-law passed away. The vibe in the house changed. Everyone was on the verge of tears men included, and it was comforting to me if that makes any sense. Nets, Shun, and I had our own conversation at one point. Nets has lost both her parents, and Shun lost his father and one of my best friends. They were both being very real about their situations and it brought me comfort. Yea, me comfort, I just didn't want to be the first person to give way to tears so I wiped away the few rebellious tears but lived in the moment with my family as we shared our pains. I tried to explain myself to Shun, and apologize. Every time I melted it seemed like the worst time, in my mind and I didn't want to do that to him and the boys. I'm just happy that I got to explain myself. Now that I think about it, I'm friends with Zimo's hubby, but I was always Jasmine's friend. I was cool with her hubby, but we weren't ever close. I don't think I would have a problem crying in front of Zimo's hubby, but that's because I feel as though he knows me. I never really had convos with Shun. But we were all kids and too busy running around being kids I guess. But all in all that sadness was a welcomed sadness. That night we didn't leave until after 3am when I finished the kitchen. I came home and slept until 1pm. Then I saw that Nets texted me and invited me back to the house. I gladly went.  I gave my cousin and her hubby HUGS, I could tell she wasn't doing well at all. We hung out for a while watching comedies and laughing and laughing. I love my family, I love how silly we are. And how we can laugh at stuff! Oh and my cake and potatoes were a hit again. BIG CHEESE! I had a wonderful time this weekend just being with my family.

Cant get it together

What is wrong with me today. After fussing with one of my peers on the phone today I found myself REALLY FRUSTRATED, but now that I think about it.... I was really tired this morning. Why, because I was up past my bedtime last night. Clicking on the keyboard dreaming of my Maggie wedding drinking my Egg Nog imported directly from Mexico. Have you EVER had Egg Nog from Mexico? My friend at work brought me a bottle, DELICIOSO! BUT, you've gotta sip slowly. I haven't had more than a shot of this stuff yet. But its so rich and good! I love it! Thank you Betty #1!
So the sadness from the reality that not even part of that dream is feasible sent me to bed sad.... and then I woke up tired. I guess I was a time bomb waiting to happen. Then my peer pushed that button, and I found myself LOUD on the floor while talking to her on the phone. In my early twenties I learned the hard way that there is an office tone and a at home tone. By nature I am a loud person, VOLUME is in my genes. However at work I try very hard to tone it down if you will. But you will always know when I'm excited about something. I don't even realize when my tone elevates, which can be sad. But this chick was trying to get me to not only commit myself but another person to time frames outside of our norm. I couldn't and wouldn't do it, so hence the back and forth. How many times can you cut Lizzy off or tell her to hold on before she fires on you????? Well I tell you when I was younger you probably could've gotten away with that junk a lot more than you can now. My temper is always a ticking time bomb anyways. And I know when I'm tired I'm not a nice person either. I had such a lovely weekend, but I haven't caught up on my sleep from it yet. Then I wanna be crying over a wedding I wont have especially when I don't even have a fella???? WHAT'S UP WIT DAT???? Moodiness! Then I thought I would have some down time this evening before my baby came home, but it appears that wont be the case either. (Eyes Rolling) OK so tonight, feeding the kid, getting all the love I can squeeze out of them before they get sick of me hugging on them. You know how kids are when they're at the Tween stage? They're too cool to be hugging on their mom, I guess. Play a couple games on the computer and then I'm going to BED! BED! BED! BED! Ooh! A HOT bubble bath just before hitting the sheets would be NICE too! Eyes rolling in my head thinking about it. I'll see if I can pull that off as well. I just need to get it together.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I just made myself sad! I have all these fabulous ideas about how I want my wedding to go once I find the man of my dreams. But I have no DOWRY! I don't have $20 to make my dreams come true. I think I know where I want to have my reception, I want a Maggie Sottero dress (my current favorite is the Kadence style! Oh my goodness this dress is silver, blinging, and sexy! check it out: I have no idea how much this dress even cost! Not that you would ever pick out the dress before you have the man, but I LOVE this dress! How often do you see a dress and love it?
Any who, I have BIG dreams and no possible way to pull them off. I mean I even know that my engagement would have to last about a year or more. I need the opportunity to buy Turkeys when they are in season and most reasonably priced. Although I love the job my second mom does I would want her to be a guest at my wedding and not worrying about the kitchen. But how in the world would I pull that off? I don't think she would have a problem with catering for me. I would REALLY want her to be a guest at my wedding and get the chance to enjoy the ceremony and reception. I would want her to help me design the layout of the room and decide on the food and set up. But I would really love to have people carryout her vision, and not have her lift a finger. I would want to stay in the fanciest hotel I've ever stayed in on my wedding night.
Here's how I envision the day going. Rent the facility the day before and set up the day before. Take lots of pictures of the place while its empty, have our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Depending on time I would like to sit down and have breakfast with my family and all those who have come in from out of town. Then a day of BEAUTY! Photographed every step of the way. Hair, make-up, if we had time massages first. LOL! I know not necessary but doesn't that sound NICE? The bridal party (which includes mother of the bride and mother of the groom) would meet at the reception hall. The groom's men and Ushers should be at the KH already, directing cars and greeting guest. The limo bus would deliver the bridal party to the KH. Then we all get dressed. The bridesmaids are to remain unseen as well as the bride. Ceremony, and the wedding party and parents leave immediately to be photographed. Meanwhile guest travel to the reception hall. I want each guest photographed upon entry. No admittance without a photo. The invitation will state that my wedding is a formal event, and I will stress the importance of FORMAL attire for all of my guest. I want a picture of everyone in attendance. Plus I'd want everyone to take home a beautiful photo of their selves. I want good food, haven't decided what type of entertainment other than dancing. I want to dance like its 1999, LOL! I don't know if I would want to video a skit or perform one at the reception, but something totally fun, silly, but appropriate. I want a beautiful cake! See! I want I want I want! No way to make this happen. As far as a honeymoon goes, I don't have to go anywhere far just a nice hotel room, with a big bed, and HUGE TUB or Jacuzzi in the room. I have BIG dreams! Oh well, I guess that's why I have such dreams. Oh Well!

I know I shouldnt

I know I shouldn't think about you, since I have vowed to loath you for eternity. But today I thought about  you, and it was a nice thought (imagine that). Guess my emotions are all over the place today... My emotions are usually all over the place when I think about you in this light. Thinking about what could've been what still could be.... the dream is not realistic of course. The reality of it all is that it would NEVER work and that I should be ashamed of myself for entertaining the idea. Remember been there, done that...  I'm gonna get down on my knees and pray these thoughts away. It does me no good to have them. I just hope you're having a good day out there somewhere on this planet. I hope when you think of me every once in a while its a pleasant thought as well. I guess it OK to say that secretly I'm still you're friend although I don't think I would own up to it if someone were to ask me. Just know that from time to time I may shoot you a look that says hello friend. But the more I think of it the more I know that look wont happen. LOL! When you see me looking its more than likely you'll catch a look from me that says DIE PIG DIE! HA! HA! HA! When I thought about writing this, I laughed at the thought. And now that I see it on screen its even funnier. Just so we're clear, this post was about no one in particular. I just wanted to go somewhere that my fingers talked me out of going... LOL!

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Weekend is coming!

The weekend is coming! The weekend is coming! Thanx 2 MLK day I get a three day weekend, and my Saturday and Sunday are booked. YAY! :o) I look forward to vegg'ing out on Monday. Catching an extra few winks. etc. Today I want to be with my baby, wishing I could leave work early. But the day is almost over so I just need to hang in there.
Sometimes I wish I was a girly-girl. I have the worst blemishes coming up just in time for the weekend, and I wish I knew what to do to make them go away pronto. But I know I will end up telling myself I don't care when I really do. And then admiring someone else for being everything I'm not. Oh well such is life. I just congratulate myself for not being a hater. Something Jasmine and I really have in common. We would be genuinely happy for other females on their girlishness while we were complete dorks and loving ourselves for it. She is still more girly than me, but she's more creative. Oh well so here I sit today, somewhat thrown together. I need some more flats PRONTO! These tennis shoes are ruining the vibe of my outfit, it may seem like to the world I don't care, but I know I do. OH WELL! Need earrings! DAG NABIT! 4got my necklace... just a HOT mess today how about that. Oh well, weekend are you here yet? I'm so ready!

The word of the day is PRONTO! LOL!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hazy Saturday

Oh my goodness what happened to the sun? I don't think missing the sun has ever affected me like this before. Now, I'm a fan of cold weather especially when there's a man in the house to keep you warm.... But since it has been YEARS since I've had a man around for warmth it seems like each winter keeps getting colder and colder.
You know I was talking to my mom yesterday. And she gave me a lot to think about. I will admit that the thought of it makes me sad, BUT it was probably what I needed to hear to help me a long the way. She says to me, I know you want a husband but sometimes having a man around isn't all that it cracked up to be. She says you can be doing fine all by yourself and then you add a man to the picture and everything falls apart.

I'm looking at the examples around me and its sad to say, but oh how true. I have tons of family members around me who were looking for a mate but all the while they were OK. Not the best because they desperately wanted to be married, but still doing really good. Then they marry sometimes almost right after they say I do the problems begin OR its like.... "I do" good times right? WAIT FOR IT! Good times right? WAIT FOR IT! Good times right? WRONG! DRAMA and HORRIFIC MESS! I know nothing has to be as bad as what I went through, but even in the best marriages there are times when you don't wanna be married anymore and your mate is TRULY getting on your last nerve. Although my ex would like me to believe that I'm not good enough for the man I've been praying for... I am just starting to believe he just doesn't exist. And even the perfect man is imperfect and why bother. So although tomorrow I may whine about being manless, today I'm ok with it. I got my baby to keep me warm, for now anyways. My baby is in the kitchen making us Cornish Hens with Citrus Scented Roasted Vegetables! The kitchen smells so good! Today life is good, I'm ok with my status.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

No matter how smart you think you are

U know, your intelligence is what originally attracted me to you. But  now over a decade later I swear dealing with you is like dealing with a FEMALE I CANT STAND! U get on my FRICKIN' NERVES! You don't know it all, and the things that you're saying aren't so hard to understand, however you make me question whether I was secretly brainwashed and taught to speak Finnish cause you never seem to understand what I'm saying to you. I don't think its so hard to understand me, but you know I'm starting to find that more and more people don't understand what I'm trying to tell them. So maybe when I'm not paying attention that Finnish starts coming out and you get frustrated cause cant understand me. Well for a second lets say that could actually be true.... You're "smart" figure it out! UGH! Just don't talk to me any more, you know it all and I am a measly peasant too ignorant to comprehend the things you say..... Now reality check! It frustrates you because I AM DA BOMB! I know! I know! It can be daunting to be around someone as blessed as me. But don't let it get you down. Chin up young person, you too can shine without stealing someone's thunder. Come sit down next to momma, she'll show you how its done. You're still as dumb today as you were yesterday, but I'll try to teach you something. You don't have to attempt to rob me of my self-esteem to "TRY" to feel better about being you! It doesn't work that way sweetheart and if you haven't learned already, acting this way wont ever make you feel better about being you. I feel better already! Not gonna let an idiot steal my thunder! No matter how smart you think you are....

One of the Biggest Compliments

So I got the dates for my District Convention, so today I texted a lot of my fam to find out who was gonna be with me this summer. So far the response has been GREAT! Then my cuzzo Niq's tell me that her sister is coming into town and we're gonna eat at her house after service that morning. So I ask what she needs me to bring. She paid me the biggest compliment, she asked for the Chocolate Toffee Mountain High cake or my Garlic Mashed Loaded Baked Potatoes. I mean I don't know about the rest of the cooks of the world but when someone likes the food you prepared for them you feel AWESOME! BUT THEN WHEN THEY REQUEST AN ENCORE!!!!! THE HUGhEST COMPLIMENT EVER! Let me tell you, I got a little misty... Thanx Niq's for the love. But now let me tell you, a couple of weeks ago when we were having our dinner people weren't stepping up to bring things like they normally would. Zimo offered but she was going to be coming from out of town. How in the world was she gonna cook something and do all she had to do with her fam??? Now come on I'm not that selfish! Niq's! My BEAUTIFUL WONDERFUL NIQ'S! She asked if there was anything I needed and I needed another meat with all the people added to the menu. So I asked if she could bring a ham, not only did she bring the ham, her ham ROCKED! AND she wasn't 2 1/2 hours late with it! (Eyes Rolling!) So for her, I just did a pantry check to see what I need to attempt this cake again and to make the potatoes again. For my cousins I will attempt the expensive cake and time consuming cake again! LOL! Besides all that.... it was DELICIOUS! Everything will be made with love! And this time I will only have a small piece.... I hope! LOL! I make no guarantees! LOL!

Tamia - Officially Missing You (Sing-a-long)

This song did it! OMG! I'm officially missing the SUN! All I hear are rain drops! Oooh! Caint nobody do it like u! DA SUN! DA SUN!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Like Jill said

I just wanna be loved, like everybody else does. I just wanna be loved! OH MY GOODNESS! I cant get this song out of my brain. This song reads like so many of the Post I've posted on FB. Like for instance:


by Lizzy on Tuesday, December 7, 2010 at 6:38am
Sometimes I wonder if I'm more n love wit the idea of the ultimate coaster or is my quest 4 the ultimate thrill ride real. Is it wrong that my idea of vacation is bein on a coaster at some point? I know some ppl have grander ideas but I think mine r pretty simple and straight 4ward. I've been 2 a few parks and there's 1 n particular that I really loved. Not that it was any good, but the best 2 date. I mean the park wasn't big at all but what it lacked in size it made up 4 n attractions. Have u been there, some ppl call it Magic, I call that Mountain my home. Patronage to this park was pretty liberal, although I always felt it belonged to me. When I think of coasters I always think of home, as it was the last place I've known. I would like 2 believe that there is a park out there has everything I need. I keep hearing of new parks and I get a little excited just to find out they're WEAK or shut down due 2 da current economy. Why? Oh why? Why is it so hard 2 find a great place 2 vacation? And I'm so cool off of the places that have what seem 2b reasonable fares 2 enter da gate just 2 find that all the featured attractions r 4 an additional fee. I wanna feel butterflies again, exhaustion frm walkn all day. And satisfaction as I recollect on my vacay n a theme park that seems 2b made just 4 me. I havent visited home n years, and I have no intention of visitin that place ever again no matter how appealin they try 2 make that park seem. Oh well, I hear that some folks have gone across the country and found what I'm lookin 4 there. My thing is that I live here and since I cant relocate those visits would end up bein more expensive than I could imagine paying. So I guess I'll just endure on the West hopin and waitn 4 the 1 that fits. I just wanna ride why is that so hard 2 find/do? I guess I shouldve budgeted better, and not went with the 1st group 2 the park of my nightmares. But hey I guess I cant b 2 mad about that, that park gave me the foundation of what not 2 do da nxt time. I guess 4 now I gotta put coasters out of my mind and focus on my budget. Once my finances r n order I can go anywhere I like.

Some times inspiration hits me and I can write, other times a total dud! I guess I hope to hone in on the writing more and less of the whining.....

Jill Scott - Wanna Be Loved

Ok, couldnt stop listening to this song today..... This is such a Me! Song.

Monday, January 3, 2011

So if U couldnt tell!!!

So if u couldn't tell its a Jill Scott kind of day! Whatever emotion I'm feeling at the moment is full of PASSION and EXPRESSION! Listen 2 me! Listen 2 me! Listen me 2!

Jill Scott - Whenever You're Around

He says sweet things that I like to hear and he makes me smile when I'm down!

Jill Scott - Easy Conversation [With Lyrics]

This is beautiful! When I cant find the words...."

Jill Scott - My Love

U chose her cause!!!!!

Jill Scott "Hate On Me"

Of course Gotta bring out the BIG HORNS!

Jill Scott - He Loves Me

Opening LINE!!!! You LOVE ME! 1 day!

Def Poetry: Jill Scott


Jill Scott "Whatever"

I LOVES ME SOME JILL!!! I wish I could sing like this... Singing like this is a blessing to poetry!


Here is my silliest and FAVORITE saying... "I was born A BABY!"

New adventure in the Daily TJ Adventures

So when I walk into the store you cant miss his Afro, great he's a cashier today.... So I take my time browsing the fruits and veggies. I buy some NASTY instant Oatmeal (I'm not a fan of oatmeal haven't been since I was baby, but I'm swallowing it because I know its good for me, and it could be a lot worse. Plus with a whole banana smashed up in it its not so bad.), bananas, tangerines, and two bags of Pink grapefruit. My baby and I love them, its not a diet thing we just like to eat them, and they're in season this time of year.

 As I near the front of the store I scan the check out lines, of course his line is the shortest, and did I see him looking to see where I was going to go as I scanned? I'ma big gurl, I'ma go in his line, I can handle it.... The woman in front of me had three children with her. She had what looked to be a three year, a two year old, and a two and half week old. Oh the baby was so tiny and precious. But I always gush over babies, I LOVE them so..... I just don't want to have anymore personally. And the mom didn't look like she had one kid let alone a two and a half week old. I hate her, she needed to teach that class for me thirteen years ago. Push the baby and the fat all out at the same time. HOW DID SHE DO THAT???? Anywho when its my turn the conversation went like this:

Him: Hello
Me: Hello
Him: Knowing you don't need all these grapefruit
Me: Oh I LOVE grapefruit its delicious
Him: Its tart, TART!
Me: I like tart
Him: I thought I was the only one who could drink a whole container of grapefruit and be OK
Me: I've never tried that I like to eat the fruit
Him: Well when you drink the juice as fast as you can, your body will feel all tingly
Me: um, OK I'll have to try that (thinking HUH???)
Him: You want this all in one bag
Me: No, two bags would be better I have to carry it across the street
Him: I bet your house smells sweet
Me: Only when I'm baking
Him: No when you eat sweet stuff your body will smell sweet too, and I've noticed that when I eat sweet stuff I make my house smell sweet. I bet your house smells REAL sweet!
Me: (YIKES!) um, OK I'll have to pay attention... OK then
Him: You have a good day
Me: Thanx u 2

I grabbed my bags and headed out the door. My face was starting to sting. If I was fair skinned I would've been RED. Maybe it was just that I was embarrassed but it felt like everyone in line was listening. I didn't scan to see if I recognized anyone in ear shot, I just grabbed my bags and ran. LOL!  One day I wont embarrass so easily, but today.... BLUSH!


 I was thinking about shoes this weekend. That's right you heard me, shoes. I've only worn a few pair. You know how some women's closets are FULL of shoes. I mean I get why they love them, but I just haven't been a have to have a bunch of them kind of female. But with that said I have yet to find a pair that fit. The last pair I wore, they weren't big in the slightest sense of the word. They were even at times too small, no wonder I would get headaches. They came in an athletic box, but (eyes rolling) on very rare and I do mean RARE occasions did I see the benefit of that. Maybe I complain because of the lack of consistency, maybe if I experienced sloppy shoes I would know the difference. But call me wrong but I don't want that kind of shoe again. I want an every day nice pair of shoes that will go with any outfit but are primarily worn for service. Ooh! Yea, shoes that I could wear out in service but are comfortable and stylish enough to wear out dancing. Shoes I can have fun in and enjoy the rest of my life. Right now I'm terrified of finding shoes that have false advertising... That's what's happened with all the other shoes I've bought. So I bought so "wide" dress shoes. I liked them as they were comfortable. Do you know with the little bit of weight I've lost I can feel my feet sliding around in them. Again not a good fit a little heart breaking as I thought FINALLY I had found the shoes I had been looking for. But as I think about it, these shoes were really too old looking to be what I need. Modest yes, but I couldn't see myself running in these shoes.
Yesterday my aunt told me about someone is buying shoes outside of the recommended store. I mean I've never given the recommended shop a real chance either, but I'm not shopping outside either. How can I say I want shoes if I'm not looking? Well truth be told, there has never been a good pair of shoes that have appealed to me in the recommended store. Only the shoes that were being shipped to a discount store, those stupid shoes will cry out in a heartbeat. I sadly digress and continue to pray on it. I don't need a bunch of shoes, I just need one GOOD pair. Maybe that's the problem, that I need a good pair. Maybe I should just settle for the nonsense like everyone else. At least I wouldn't be completely barefoot. The thought that is frustrating but I see frustration either way.

Getting Better with Time

My theory - Men start slowing down after 18. Where women only get better as time goes on. I know with this thinking it should be just the thought for me to justify dating and even marrying someone younger than me me, but how about NO! I just cant see respecting someone younger than me as the head of my household. I know I need to grow up in that regard, but as of today that's something that has not changed. Anyone younger than me need not apply.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mary J. Blige - Just Fine

OH YES! Another anthem! If you see me strutting, just know this song is playing....

New Month, New Day, New Year....All New

Its a new year, hooray???? I keep thinking, all of this is just a repeat of the past, there's nothing new under the sun. LOL! OK so with the exception of this weekend. Its go time again... Starting "MONDAY" ;o) Its time for me to get back on track. Time to get back on my program, and time for me to MOVE FORWARD! I will be hearing MJB "Just Fine" every step of the way! Its time! Its Time! Hmmmmm..... let me find the video as another inspiration. LOL!