Friday, February 24, 2012


So yesterday was my first trip to see a reflexologist. A few of my cousins have been talking up this service so my curiosity was peaked. Not really knowing what to expect I texted my cousin with a little concern as I soaked my feet in a tub of water with a tea bag in the water. I couldn't smell anything specific so I wondered if I was getting the actual service. I don't know what to call her so I'll call her the technician, when the technician began my massage I didn't know what to expect,, you might say I was a little tense. Yes, due to the stress of the week, but also from not knowing what to expect. My cousin Nellie had given me a chart like the one above pointing out the nerve endings in our feet. I tried very cautiously to pay attention to any pain I may have felt in any of those areas. But yea, outside of tickling a little from time to time I didn't really feel any pain. The only tenderness was in my legs, she massaged up to my knees. And I haven't found a chart for that part of the body. Afterwards I felt like jello, just wiggly but relaxed. Thanks reflexology technician.

If NOTHING ELSE I needed to RELAX! There were point where I almost fell asleep. AW! SIGH! RELAXATION is a must have in LIFE! Next I wanna try a day spa. I've only ever been to a spa once in life. I would love to try that kind of massage.

The only thing I don't like is when they "pop" your joints. Or make cracking sounds. As I was soaking my feet I watched a guy at the end of his massage and the technician popped his fingers, arms, and back. I was CRINGING at the sight of it. I don't like that, and it tenses me up when doctors do it to me. Why don't I like it? What if they do it wrong? I just don't like it. That is my condition. Massage me, massage me GOOD! But don't Pop or Crack ANYTHING! We're gonna have problems if you do. Silly I know, but I cant help the way I feel. See how my dramatic side comes out. LOL!

Over all I give my experience a 6, and my cousin said the more often you have it done the better you will feel. So I'll give it two more tries. If I dont notice a difference....I guess I'll move on to the next thing...

Friday, February 17, 2012

Hey Now!

OK so tomorrow is the 70's party. My costume came last week. I didn't try on the Go-Go boots but they should fit. Tomorrow I will be picking my Afro and flying free to the groovy tune of me. CHEESY I KNOW! But hey what can I say? If I don't look too ridiculous... I'll try and post a picture of me. If everything comes out like I hope it does, I should have a GOOD time grooving on the dance flooring and leaving all my cares behind. How come I didn't see this picture before I bought my costume???? Oh well. I have to like what I bought and be content with it.

So until we meet again.... I'm wishing you PEACE, LOVE, and SOUL!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


OK so, THE BEAUTIFUL 1 is engaged! It all happened Friday in a wonderful and detailed plot against her. Perfectly executed by her loving sisters, brother-in-law, fiance, his brother, and his bestie. I wasn't there for the actual proposal, but I got to see the recording of it. I don't know if you're anything like me, but the proposal is SO important to the marriage. I really feel like the proposal sets the tone for the effort the husband will put into the marriage. Some may not agree with me. But in my limited experience for what I've seen... the husband who takes the time to make this experience special tends to take the time to make other experiences special through out the course of the marriage.
I am so excited for her. When her sister texted me to give me a heads up about what was going on I got emotional and couldn't focus for the rest of the day. Aw my baby is about to be within Marital bliss! Marital nightmare at times, but bliss none the less. They looked so happy together, I just wanted to sit an watch them for hours. You could really see the love and that's what I like to see. And when I threatened him regarding her happiness.... he didn't seem concerned. For half a second I felt like WHAT???? Did he hear what I just said??? But then when I thought about it I was happy that he wasn't phased by my threat. It really tickled me even.
So I asked her Bestie The Fashionista if she was the MOH, and she said that TB1's sister The Chic 1 is the MOH. So I said she's 2nd in command... I cant wait to see how they put things together. Then the Fashionista mentioned something about my cakes. WHOA! Later on that night TB1 asked me DRUM ROLL!!!!!!!! To make cakes for her wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!!!! I told her, "I'm flattered and scared! All at the same time!" My mind has been racing all day.

She gave me a brief idea of what she's looking for, but I will pick her brain later. I was on Youtube looking at all kinds of things. So I need to get my practice on and then have her over to taste the ones I can definitely execute properly.

Everyone over here is about to get CAKED out! LOL! They'll be sick of cakes and RUN when they see me coming! LOL!

Friday, February 10, 2012


When I went to Disneyland a couple of weeks ago, I HAD to see Captain EO again I HAD 2!!!!! I know the younger generation (and by younger I mean the ones born now) may not understand the obsession with this man. But he has ALWAYS been an IMPORTANT part of my life. Now my Soul Sistah #1 would cry just watching him on television. I was never that gone, but he always found a way to pull me back in. Like when I was a teenager I was trying my best to out grow him and then....... The sands of an hour glass went across my TV screen and there was Eddie Murphy and Iman looking like WORLD CLASS ROYALTY! My mission was clear, I had to master this dance routine! My sister and I busted out our "King Kong" cups of ice water, cranked up the sound on my father's SLAMMING stereo system, and proceeded to practice practice practice until we had it down. Oh! All the beautiful sweat we were shedding in our living room in front of my father's big screen TV trying our best to mimic Michael's moves.

Move in a little closer I wanna tell you something. Let me whisper so no one else hears. My favorite MJ song is.... Let's see if you can guess:

I tell you when this video came out it was the first time since I was a little girl that I drooled over Michael. I LOVE this song, and the VIDEO!!!!! AWESOME! I know I probably shouldn't be saying this out loud, take the lyrics to heart but... YEA! I LOVE ME SOME MICHAEL JACKSON! I cant believe he's gone. Sitting in that theater watching the last midnight showing of that 18 minute show brought back a lot of memories and emotions. Like looking at his gelled baby hair, remembering when everyone was doing that. One of my cousins even dyed her baby hair purple in honor of her love for prince and then gelled it all up. Pretty soon you may see that style come back too. MJ seemed so innocent up there on the screen. I loved the show, all the dancing and singing. MICHAEL! I guess today is a missing MJ day... next I'll be hit by a:

Check it! He's wearing BLUE!!! HEART BEATING!!!! LOL!!!!

Now if you know nothing about MJ then I'm sure this entry reads like a riddle of sorts. But for my fellow MJ lovers, you know EXACTLY what I'm saying to you.

Thank you for reading, come back now you hear me.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Josie Bridal Gown

Seriously??? For Real???? Really????? I don't think I ask for a lot. I think I've been a good girl (which may be half the problem so I'm starting to believe), so why did Maggie Sottero discontinue the dress that I feel was designed for me and when I meet that special fella? I want a silver gown like the gown above (that's not the dress but it is the right color), but now that my ultimate dress pick has been discontinued I just don't know anymore. I am REALLY bummed out about this. I tried to look for a place to ask "if I know the dress name can I still request it ten years from now when I'm OLD and finally snagged me a man out the old folks home". But alas they don't deal with the public. I guess like everything else in life I'll be jipped on this one pleasure as well. I could go on wasting your time listening to me whine about the things that make me sad like why your hair gets frizzy even when you spend money on products that claim they prevent this. Or why cant Chocolate and Ice Cream be fat free? (and when I say Fat Free I mean FAT FREE! No weight gain!) Why do we have to gain weight? Or why cant those with the physical attributes you wish you had and they tend to hate, why cant they don't donate them to you? See how useless this is... but I just wish I could convey my disappointment and sadness! Oh well! This is nothing new, I should be used to disappointment by now!


Bisou Bisou® Belted Black Dress - Plus Size

So my friend Betty #1 told me about the pricing change at JCP after I told her my cardigan story. Out of curiosity I went online to check out their inventory, and what did I find? I like this style of dress. Not only does it look comfortable, but it looks like it would hang so flattering on me that I would love it.

Worthington® Nova Over-the-Knee Boot
These over the knee boots are ONLY $30!!!!! SHUT UP! I need them! I have no idea where I would ever wear them or even how I would wear them. But need them I do. Let's not mention the heel on these shoes... How about I don't know how to walk in skinny heel shoes. But I guess as part of my big girl license I need to learn. And then I gotta ROCK the mess out of them! I think its time for me to become a big and put on my big girl boots and WORK IT! LOL! Maybe an over sized sweater and leggings with these boots. What you think? I'm thinking Orange, Sage Green, or Burgundy....

Call it Spring® Pais Cuffed Bootie
I can see these as my everyday style... can you believe these are $12? YES! These are my kind of prices. JCP is about to come up as far as I'm concerned. Shopping I will be. YAY!

Call it Spring® Ruest Bootie w/Faux Fur
Loving these, but am I fashionable enough to pull them off? How in the world would I wear them? I'm at a loss, but I want them....

a.n.a® Womens Valencia Slouch Fashion Boot
And these come in Brown. I have a brown purse that deserves to be worn with brown boots. I think these could do the job.

Now if only I had the money to make all these things come about. Hmmmmm, I guess this is where my bottle recycling will come into play. You think I'm kidding but I'm not. At these prices I can afford at least one treat a month. But first I need to clean out my closet again. Get on the ball with my donations and make room for my new items.

Monday, February 6, 2012


OK so Friday I was on a mission after work. The last ten minutes of the day became the MOST stressful of the entire week. Still determined to go to the wedding the next day. I decided in my mind that I needed a cardigan to wear with my strapless number. BUT! 1st I went to Lane Bryant looking for my dress just in case the person over the phone didn't understand what I was asking for and they actually did receive it in. But alas... NO! No dress. (insert sad face) When I walked into the store I was greeted by an associate who asked if I needed any help. And since I didn't have all day to stroll their store I told her what I was looking for. She pointed me in a direction, but she offered me no real help. I hate when people pretend like they want to help you but they really have no desire to. She sent me to the Clearance rack... and now that I think about it... I guess I should be insulted.

Here's why:
She pointed me to the clearance rack. There were all kinds things thrown about here and there. No real organization to that section which made it impossible to find anything. I did find a cardigan and it had sequins on it. Fancier than I wanted but hey if its nicely priced I'd take it any ways. Do you know at 50% off that cardigan still cost more than the dress I was wearing. So I walked away from the clearance section and took one last glance around the store for the dress. And I spotted a cardigan like the one I had in my mind in a bright lime green on a mannequin. So I ask the associate where could I find that sweater in black. And she takes me to the table right in the front of the store. If I asked you for cardigans why wouldn't you have shown me this if you knew this is what I was looking for????? Any way I pick up the sweater, and although the material felt thin and cheap, I was going to buy it. Then I looked at the price... lets just say not quite $50. And I said out loud, "WHOA!" and the associate says a very sarcastic "yea". And so I said, "let me see if I can find this cheaper somewhere else, otherwise I'll be back". If I wasn't so DOG GONE SLOW I probably would've given that associate the look of death as I the returned the cardigan to the table and walked out of there. I passed a few other stores and one I actually stepped inside of when I saw their cardigan in the display window. They were only a couple dollars cheaper than LB. Then I made my way to JC Penny. I found not only one cardigan but two (AW! Options!) and each priced at $18! I wanted to cry. I was so happy. I tried them both on right there on the floor next to the racks. And then I paid for my purchase. I felt so good finding what I was looking for and the total was less than $20! Oh yes! That's what I'm talking about! As for that Associate, I felt like going back to that store and holding my purchase out in front of her and saying:
"You work on Commission don't you? BIG MISTAKE! HUGE! OK now I must hurry! I have more shopping to do." END SCENE! SMILES

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Its not right....

Diagonal dress by Qristyl Frazier Designs
I know its not right, but I WANT this dress from Lane Bryant! I have nowhere to wear it (doesn't mean I cant find a place) but I want it in my closet silently waiting as my secret WEAPON of love, devotion, and MASS DESTRUCTION!!!! HA! HA! HA! I'm feeling close to you right now, so I'm gonna tell you. I went to Lane Bryant the other day looking for this dress to see what it looks like on me. But they didn't have it. The store clerk told me that they were getting a shipment in the next day and to call and see if this dress was part of the shipment before I came back down. I didn't call, but now that I think of it... Maybe I'll call now. Although I have dreams of no longer being a Big Girl. Reality is I don't know when that day will actually be here. So meanwhile I can work on my present regardless right????? MAKE IT HOTTTTTTTT! No matter what the size right? I know modesty should be my goal... and for the most part I think I got that down. "But every once in a while you gotta go in the back of that closet and put your freak 'em dress on" LOL! Yea, I think my brain may be a little twisted right now, but so what. I think I wanna bite the bullet and put this in my closet. I just need a short leather jacket to go with this, and the right heels. Yep! Its going down. Heaven forbid the day I started falling in love with clothes.
Coming up shortly. I gotta show you the shoes I thrifted when I was down south. HOOOOTTTTTTTT!!!!! Again! I need a nice black sheath dress to wear with them. Because they will be the STAR of my ensemble when I wear them. Watch out summer here I come! LOL!
I think these eyebrows and quick weave are going to my head. How dare I look in the mirror and LOVE what I see?!?!? Its like a whole new me. A whole new way of looking at things. I'm only too big for whatever I tell myself that I'm too big for. My size will not hold me back anymore. Beautiful I am! Loving me I will! Watch out world like it or not HERE I COME!  Big! Beautiful! And Confident! YYYEEESSSS!!!!

Side note.....
Yesterday I was invited to a 70's themed anniversary party! I'm telling you, I'm loving all these invites lately! LOL! So after cruising the web I think I found my look for the party:
Feelin Groovy Plus Size Costume
Yep! I think I'll do it all just like its shown here! Loving this site as well. I even found these on there, but I ain't gonna wear them:
Gold Fish Platform Shoes
Yea that's right the Platform shoe with the fish tank in the heel. I wonder if Huggie Bear himself will make an appearance! LOL!

Now I debate....My hair, do I wear my Afro? Do I straighten my hair (probably not)? Do I fluff out my hair? Do I buy a straight wig? Hmmmm so many choices...I think I'll have to close my eyes and really think about this. BIG CHEESE!!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So I'm back

So I'm back and I will have to say that I had a GREAT time! There were a few exceptions but not really worth dwelling on. I had no idea that Long Beach Airport was a SMALL outdoor airport. I was so thankful it wasn't raining otherwise that would've been upsetting.
So the poetry reading was cool. Nellie read her poem and she did such a GOOD job. I admire her courage to get up in front of a room full of people you don't know and share yourself with them. She kept trying to convince me to get up and read mine. But I disappointed myself by not even considering it.

This is about as bright as the evening got LOL! That DARK spot in the back is all me LOL! The room stayed pretty dark, I guess to keep the poetry vibe going even after the readings were finished. It was a long nite but we cut it short. We were all pretty tired.

This ride was pretty awesome! The different smells or aromatherapy if you will is just awesome!

I was so sad when my day at the Magic Kingdom was over...

This definitely was one of those you had to be there type of situations. But I laughed the rest of the night behind this one. We call this one "Professional Failure"! LOL! We'll just say when the suggestion was made to put the ice cream in a cup, the idea was declined. The consumer felt that they were Professional enough to eat their ice cream on a cone. TWO licks in and the ice cream jumped off the cone. I could not contain my laughter. I LAUGHED the rest of the night about this one. When I snapped this picture a woman walking past saw the ice cream on the ground and immediately began cracking up as if she was there when it fell. Oh the laughter. GOOD TIMES!

Sunday we went to Hospitality... and lets just say I noticed a difference when I did not present myself as the shy unworthy female. LOL! I was not bold and daring either, but I was definitely there. He was a nice guy and we made new friends. Can you say REPEAT trip down south to happen one day soon. LOL! But nothing happened. Nothing worth writing home about or mentioning. But we had a GREAT time. I had never been to South Central LA before. It was nice. Hospitality was held a block up from the Debbie Allen school of dance. We wanted to stop and take pictures but the guys weren't feeling that idea. But we did get them to stop at the mall, we had an emergency stop to make. When we walked into the Crenshaw mall we were greeted to the sounds of EU singing "Doing Da Butt!" ROTFL! Aw! Memories! We couldn't believe they were playing that song. Yea we had a good time but I was READY to come home Monday. I was so happy to be home. Until my next vacation can you say HEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY!!!!!