Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dr Oz

OK so, one day I made it home early, just in time to catch the end of one of his shows and he mentioned a product "Just a Drop" that provides a courtesy to you and others that you may share a bathroom with when the second number comes calling. Since I commute to work, its always a COVERT mission to find a private bathroom when that other number comes knocking at the backdoor. I thought to myself.... hmmmmm could this actually work. I found some on eBay a little better priced than Amazon. So the other day I was getting the knock, I still ran off to a private bathroom but I tried it. Wouldn't you know it worked. YES! I will be on the look out to find larger bottles of this stuff locally and I will promptly supply them for my home, car, and purse. I know its not healthy to deny yourself the privilege to evacuate when the knock comes, but we also learn that it is just rude to subjects others to your bodily functions. So for those of you out there who sometimes have a hard time finding a private bathroom I suggest you give it a try.

FYI - you will need a few drops, but it does work. THANK YOU Dr. Oz!

Coconut Oil

OK so, yesterday just before washing I pulled out the coconut oil to prepoo the hair. Then I looked over to the left and there was my four month old niece. Big smile as I approached her with coconut oil saturated hairs. I rubbed it all through her head of beautiful black curly locks. Her hair said PLEASE and THANK YOU! I don't think she knew how to feel about me rubbing the oil through her head. She held onto my nephew who holding her at the moment and looked at him for an explanation. It was too cute. Then I picked up the REALLY soft brush I picked up for her at the beauty supply store and started brushing. Like her mother said after she took my advice and put olive oil on Lady Bug's (that's what I call her) hair just after a bath, her hair tends to straighten when oil is applied. That's not a bad thing but an interesting note. So I brushed her hair, but left her in her little Afro. I need to get some little barrettes for her hair. Her mom said I could do her hair which makes me happy. Now its time to get it growing. Lady Bug was born with a head FULL of hair. And at four months its only gotten fuller. Her mother's hair is VERY thick and my hair ain't so thin either. I anticipate a head full of beautiful hair on this baby girl.

So that was last night, and I was looking at my container thinking I should restock very soon on more coconut oil and then I check my dashboard and one of the blogs I follow had a list of wonderful uses for coconut oil. What's funny is that the toothpaste recipe calls for items that I have separately around the house.... I may actually try it out. LOL!

My sister-in-law has been asking me about a homemade shampoo. I think I will look up some recipes and figure out one to test on my own hair. If I like it.... you'll hear about it.

As it stands I use my own concoction of oils as a daily lotion and moisturizer for my hair and it has done wonders for me.What's in it? I'm glad you asked....


Raw Shea Butter ( I prefer to use the white kind, gold will do fine, but my skin and hair like the white )
Coconut Oil
Emu Oil
Peppermint oil
Tea Tree Oil

Now since the peppermint and tea tree are essential oils I only use like a fourth of a teaspoon. But I measure nothing and I really just eyeball it all. Since the Shea Butter is the hardest to whip I start with it first, I mix it until its smooth, then I add the coconut oil. Once that mixture is smooth, I add about a tablespoon of Emu oil. I don't care for the smell all that much, but I read that the fat in this oil is really good for combating stretch marks etc, so it GOES IN! Then I lastly add the essential oils. I mix it up really smooth, but there's always like little chunks of coconut and Shea butter still in the mixture which I don't mind at all. Lately when I pour the mixture into my container I've had enough to fill two. Which I like cause two containers last me about two months. I've been doing this since about hmmmm I'd say since August or September cant remember the exact date, and my skin and hair has said THANK YOU!

If you don't know about Coconut Oil you need to read about it. Its really good for those who have eczema and other dry skin conditions. You can eat it, use it in your hair... Its becoming a staple in my house.

My thing is that I'm tired of becoming dependant on products and then they're discontinued. I'm tired of spending $6 or more dollars on a lotion and its not helping like it should and the price keeps going up. If I'm gonna pay more for it, can it at least do what I need it to do? By going the natural route I'm hoping to eliminate this frustration in my life.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Pretty Darn Cute II

 Pattern Print Dress

OK so drum roll please...... I bought the dress! I tried it on, and I'm gonna be honest. I twirled and twirled in the mirror. I kept saying, "I don't know, I don't know" I kept fidgeting with the dress , but overall it really is cute. One thing that caused the fidgeting was  that the bottom of the dress is asymmetrical and the way the dress slants its looks funny if the left side line is twisted to the back. BUT! I think it was falling to the back because the store tag (you know that device that is meant to deter thieves from stealing) was heavy and hanging on the bottom falling which ever way I twirled. Now I just need to get some shoes and a bracelet. I happened to have on a neckline that went pretty OK with it. I will have to see what I have and really decide whether I want to buy more accessories. But I had to share, YES! I got the dress and I am overall very happy with it! SMILES! Thank you for reading, I'll be in touch shortly.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh HAPPY Day!!!

I just ordered my Huetiful Steamer. I cant wait for it to get here. I will be able to do regular deep conditioning treatments on my hair. It even has an attachment to do facials. Now I don't know anything about that, so I will have to read up on facial treatments. I am so excited, and I cant wait to give this machine a test run. I've even had some volunteers. Ha! Ha! Ha! I'm gonna be playing beauty shop for real. YES!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Pretty Darn CUTE!

 Pattern Print Dress
OK so, I'm minding my own business when I see this dress. What is ASHLEY trying to do to me! At first I tried to ignore it, looking at the other items on the site. But my eyes kept going back to this one. Notice how the right shoulder is bare... I was in love! I just wish that it would look like this on me. Who knows it might, I'd have to go to Ashley and find out. Fortunately there are currently two locations close to my home. So I could try both  if one doesn't carry it. I'm thinking the shoes I got in Long Beach would be KILLER with this dress.... or they could possibly be too much. Hmmmmm I'd have to see.

This dress, those shoes, or my new shoes, and a chocolate purse. I have a perfect purse to pair with this. My amazing friend  Betty #1 sells the cutest purses. Just the other day I almost wiped her whole inventory clean as she had some REALLY good stuff. When I look at my purses I see outfits. I think its pretty amazing that someone like me has become so girlie. But hey, I think its about time that my attention started running this way. Shoes, purses, clothes! Whoa!

This is not the 80's or even the early 90's when clothes weren't made to flatter big girls. As if it was our punishment for how we looked. Nowadays it can still be somewhat of a challenge to find cute clothes but no more a challenge than when I was smaller and still couldn't find anything that flattered my curves instead of highlighting them. Modesty will always be a challenge for any person out who wants to represent their self nicely but not cheaply. Just because you got them doesn't mean they have to hang loose.

What the world needs now is imagination. NOTHING is left to the imagination anymore. I guess a lot of people are more in your face about things that I still value as mine, and only shared with a SPECIAL someone. I try to instill this in my child, not to think the little girls running around with everything hanging out is just the way things have to be, and just accept them. No, a lady should conduct herself a certain way. And since everyone is going in the opposite direction, a lady shouldn't be hard to spot. OK, ok, I'll get off my soapbox...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My new Batman Phone

I am ALL smiles about my new toy! I got it last week. I am so happy with this thing. The ONLY compliant I have is in regards to the navigation system on this phone. What's up with the "pins" my last phone would call out each turn in advance and it was awesome only in that regard. OK so yea, I don't like the navigation on this phone. But other than that, I'm pretty happy with it. I took it to the beach Monday and I took this picture:
Look at the beauty! I was standing there in Awe! And then I snapped this photo and was in more AWE! I'm going to get this picture blown up to poster size or really big picture size, frame it and put it up on my wall in my newly painted living room. (Painting will happen shortly)

I love taking pictures on this phone. I went to a wedding Sunday and I took pictures. My cousins were teasing me because I had it out the whole time. I told them it was a new toy and I was so excited to use it. I took some pics and then I ZOOMED on some of them and re-saved them... YES!

Like this picture for example. When I took it there were people, etc in it. When I zoomed in and saved it, YES! I loved the end result.

OK, OK, I'll stop talking in my excited chopped up language. But I was very happy to have my new toy with me. It was a wonderful test drive on this phone to use it like I did. I was able to easily share my photos as well. I don't care that the following week after I get my phone they REALLY begin talks about releasing the iPhone 5s. I am content with my purchase and it me and this kid for the two years and beyond.