Monday, October 28, 2013

FroYo Traumas

OK so, let me tell you. There are somethings that I rely on to be consistent in my life. My love of frozen dessert and my overly dramatic love for frozen dessert! So let me tell you what happened to me. I was with my sisters yesterday and we decided as a group to go to Red Mango, a frozen yogurt spot in the Emeryville Bay Street shopping center.
What I love about this place is that I can always count on them to have my White Peach flavored FroYo and fresh kiwi. I can taste the deliciousness as I sit here thinking about it.
We walk in I grab my cup and I prepare to do damage. This place charges by the weight but ask me if I care! I load up my cup and I enjoy my yogurt without any remorse for how expensive it turns out to be. Well, I walk over and WHERE IS THE WHITE PEACH? You know how most places change their flavors every week or so? Well this Red Mango has consistently kept the White Peach as the main star in their flavor offerings and I have personally thanked the staff for keeping it there. But this time it was no where to be found. I honestly thought I was being "punked" I yelled out, "WHERE IS THE WHITE PEACH?" The poor teenage employees all froze as they thought my rage was directed towards them. They all started explaining at once that the manager changed the flavor to add others. So I dramatically told the kids to tell that manager of theirs to PUT IT BACK! When they realized I was light weight joking they laughed a little. I settled on Pineapple and Mango, but it was not what I came for. As I paid for my yogurt I again dramatically shared how upset I was about my flavor. Now I know I was being funny, and I know my drama was humorous, but seriously why were they laughing so hard that they were crying? Yes I was joking, but I meant every bit of what I was saying. I wondered if this is what Darryl a character in my author friend's story might feel like. Yes, I'm funny. But I'm only being funny so I don't choke someone out because I was disappointed in the flavor selection. Oh well.

To the manager of the Emeryville Red Mango..... BRING BACK THE WHITE PEACH YOGURT AND DON'T EVER TAKE IT AWAY AGAIN! Or else you will lose one of your faithful customers to a much cheaper FroYo spot! This is not a threat, it is a fact! :) As usual thank you for reading.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cube Decorating

So my office is having a cubical decorating "contest" bragging rights are our only prize. But you should see.... I mean I will post pictures of the things that my team mates have come up with. I am surrounded by some pretty creative folks. One person has transformed their space into a Cantina. I cant wait to show you pictures.
My immediate neighbor has put a almost 3D Lorax experience outside of her cubical. It is a AMAZING! My neighbor across from me has a Art Gallery showcasing some of her artwork. My neighbor on the other side of me has a Nebraska theme to her decoration she even has a Barbie in a University of Nebraska cheerleader outfit. Can you guess, what my theme is????? One guess. Let's see if you know me at all. (BIG SMILE!) Yep its gonna look like the Niners threw-up in and all over my cube. The context ends next week on Monday. So I guess I'll post pictures some time next week.