Friday, July 27, 2012

Out with the old

Although this picture was taken a couple of months ago (May), I took it cause the change was coming. When I moved into my house I had BIG plans for this room. I painted the walls this color as a foundation to my vision. This room sat empty for four years, because I refused to accept anything that was outside of my vision. I didn't even put pictures up until last year for goodness sake. I so lovingly referred to this room as my toothpaste room. And love it I did. When the paint technician at Home Depot mixed it  for me I instantly got excited. This color made me HAPPY! My vision was a light tan couch and two throne chairs about the same color. I wanted the chairs in front of the windows you see here. I wanted to put silver frames on all my pictures. Well I just never got around to getting that room together. My focus just wasn't there, and/or the money. Over the past year and a half my family situation totally changed. I now have WAY more traffic in and out of my house, and it just wasn't practical to have like colored walls any longer. I had a "Wall Washing Party" and I demanded the attendance of the regular visitors. To my surprise and satisfaction we knocked it out in less than an hour. And then in about a week and a half we needed to do it again. Although I do think the regular washing parties are necessary, I knew my light walls had seen their last hooray.

Up until last Friday night I knew I was painting my walls blue or purple. I was doing my usual browse through the store, and I kept seeing the conflict in my mind. Whenever I found a decent area rug the blue in the rug clashed with the walls.

Frustrated that I couldn't find the things I need to make this work:

Recently I stayed in a hotel in Arizona. I fell in love with this lobby and I wanted to duplicate it in my living room. Well that wasn't gonna happen, for one thing that's wall paper on the wall, but I figured it should be duplicatable with a sponging technique. I just couldn't manage to even match the color. I'd pick a color in the store, and throw the sample on the wall and nope, not even close. After a little over a month of this I guess I just threw my hands in the air. I surrender!

So after some careful thought I decided to go with a neutral color and bring my blue and silver into the story another way (frames, accessories, etc).

So here's the foundation:

As it turns out I like this color a lot more than I thought I would. I just hate WHITE walls. And in the end anything is better than that. LOL! Now I have a new vision. A new look for my living room. I'll probably wonder around Burlington Coat Factory for a bit, and see if I can find things to add my blues and silvers. I have a couch and a love seat on layaway or price hold at Big Lots. Nope they're not the fanciest. Like I said I got a lot of traffic in and out the house these days, and the money is just not there. But they're nice enough to add to the room. I'll try and get some better pictures to post in a bit.

Until we meet again. Thank you for reading.