Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Time to be FREE!!!!!

My curly Muse! I want that right there!

Question is.... will my hair curl like that? And then How do I do it. For the past um, I'd say three weeks I've been using Kinky Curly products. First let me say they're not cheap, and as I sit here morning almost gone, my hair is still damp. My head being wet all day is not the business. This past weekend as I mixed my "Concoction" (Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Argan oil, Peppermint oil, Emu oil, and Tea Tree oil) I put a lot in my hair before I washed it for styling. My hair said THANK YOU!!! I hadn't realized how dry my hair had gotten until I saw the difference afterwards. So needless to say I will not marry the KK products. I would like to find a process that incorporates oils which is what I know builds strength in hair by means of moisture, and curl definition. I would LOVE to have her hair, but knowing that we may not have the same type of hair, I will be fine with something close.
Friday as I briefly visited a cousin, she mentioned the Curly Girl Method, which I hadn't heard of. But I liked everything I heard. Reading some other's post about products I guess its time for me to look into a different hair gel. GASP! I have been in love with Fantasia IC's BROWN (yes I said it brown) gel. I have used this gel for years, and have sworn by it always. Who knows I may end up sticking to it. But after over ten years it may be time to try another product. So stay tuned, I'm gonna embrace this method and figure out how it works for my hair.

  • Curly Girl Method (as it was explained to me):
  • Co-wash ONLY no shampoo EVER!
  • Finger comb hair while wet or large tooth comb (preferably during co-wash process)
  • If you need to dry your hair use a old t-shirt do not towel dry (its important to let your hair air dry)
  • Your desired product (which means I will use my oils and gel)

But I want curls like Mahogany Curl's above so I may have to try her products to see if it works for me. Stay tuned for updates. As usual thank you for reading.

Friday, August 24, 2012


Last Friday I went to see the Whitney Houston remake of Sparkle. Let me paint the scene first. My family and I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this movie. I like a lot of people grew up on the original movie. I was going back and forth with family and friends on FB reciting lines from the original movie. Good times!
So days before I sat down and watched the making of this movie, and they explained that the story would be told differently. I'm so happy I had that little disclosure before watching the movie. Or else I couldve become extremely irritated with the movie.
But I had a very LONG week at work. And by the end of my day on Friday I was BEAT! I told my family about my week leading up to my day. If you haven't noticed I am the story teller in my family. But by the end of my story my sister-in-law said she felt stressed. LOL!
So imagine my extreme delight and surprise when I found out that this movie was playing at my honeycomb hideout. I've blogged about it before. Couches, a Kitchen, Beer, and WINE...... HELLO! We bought a bottle of Zinfandel and we split it amongst three glasses. I needed that, and then I got comfy on the couch with my blanket that we always bring when we go there. A few friends were at the theater as well. We chatted a bit before the movie, but afterwards I was very "animated" to say the least.
Like our friend said they made the movie a little more up beat for mainstream. In the end Sparkle makes it just like she did in the first movie.
All in all I give the remake a B! If I never saw the original I would've like it probably even more. I wonder how Lonetta McGee, Irene Cara, Michael Philip Thomas feel about the remake? I'm curious... Maybe I'll look for that on the Internet.

As always thank you for reading.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

HOT Saturday!!!!

OK so knowing that I was going to travel East to Sacramento this past weekend I knew it would be HOT! (the thermometer in my car read 107 out there, and coming from the Bay Area where it was only 75 degrees that was a HUGE difference.) Looking online I saw this Linen Pantsuit. No sleeves, and short pant legs I figured it would be pretty nice to wear.
A girlfriend of mine got married last month and she was having a casual get together to celebrate her nuptials. Everything I had in my closet made me hot at the thought of them. So I decided I wanted to go try this on, and see how it fit me. Well I looked all over the store and I couldn't find this specific outfit. And since I've gained all my weight back nothing was fitting the way I thought it should. Almost completely discouraged I found a brown dress. It was nice enough, but I didn't feel great about it at first.
Here it is!

You know how the lighting in the store will make something look better than it actually does. I was afraid that would be the case with this dress, but I took it home anyways. When I put it on with my accessories I looked in my mirror. WAIT! I think I love it?????? Once I made up my face and spruced up my curls everything came together. I looked in the mirror and I heard that voice inside my head say not bad. BIG SMILE! The dress came to my knees, and its completely sleeveless. It has somewhat of a cowl neckline, but an under stated and almost tank like appearance. So imagine a tank kind of linen material dress. and then it has a brown belt with a very simple gold buckle. It was comfortable, light weight, and flattering on my body. I wore gold sandals, gold bangles, and a stone colored purse that has gold "hardware" (or however you explain that). OH YES! I felt cute.
My girl's friends, family, and new family were very nice and funny. They attempted to teach me how to play poker. This was my first time touching a poker chip, and if I do say so they're just as cool in person as they seem on TV. LOL! I say attempted to cause I'm too inquisitive to learn something without asking fifty million questions, and since it was a learn the basics and figure the details out as you play I was trying. Having a ball all the same.
OH! But then..... OK so a guy there was getting ragged on for how little his car was. When it was time to go, I was surprised to see his Smart car. I told him I called those cars "Death Traps" because in an accident I can only see your body taking the full impact, PLUS I dont like how small the cabin space is. Then he insisted you gotta drive it. After he continued to strongly encourage me to take the car around the block, I took him up on his offer. I got behind the wheel prejudging the sheer lack of size of this car. Well yea, I ate crown... that thing felt as big as my car as I drove it down the street. I forgot how small that car was while I drove around. He was right, you didn't feel like the walls were caving in on you. And I DO NOT like tight spaces. But it was ok in that car. I even started thinking it wouldn't make for a bad commuter car to and from work. :)

Well Ta Ta for now! Thank you again for reading.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Kind of like a PAUSE!!!!!!!

OK so, what I didn't share is that while working on my painting project I noticed work that needs to be professionally done on my Living Room. SIGH! Its always something right. So now I have to find a contractor. FUN! Its always something right???? BUT!!! On the bright side, if I can manage it I would love to have Hardwood flooring installed at the end of this project. Quite honestly the carpet is starting to drive me crazy. I have too much traffic in and out the house. Add to that a puppy, and yea you see what I mean. The carpet has got to go. I'm just afraid that the hardwood flooring might be beyond my reach at this moment. I really hope not, but first and foremost I need to have a minor somewhat major repair done, and then we'll go from there.

Meanwhile.... guess what I found????? Blue vases! Yes, Burlington Coat Factory is my home accessory BFF. I found three perfectly blue vases, now I'm looking for some items to finish these homie touches.

OK so I don't know why these pictures are loading sideways.... THAT IS SO ANNOYING!!!! But I still need to add the silver leaves to this vase and maybe some pebbles. It feels like the vase needs something but I'm not sure what.
I want to take a family picture with all twelve of us and have it blown up big and put it in the center of the wall. But I'll have to look into that. Ooh! I just thought of a photographer who may be able to help us with that mission. I gotta hurry and make that happen before it gets cold out as we want to do the picture outside.I have so many ideas and not enough money to make them happen. Good grief. Maybe I should take it one project at a time. But my brain just flies all over the place.

Well, thank you for reading again. And again sorry for the sideways pictures. I hope to get that fixed soon.