Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy Bloggerversary!!!!

Yay Me!
So I was looking at the calendar and today is my Bloggerversary! I thought I've been at this a lot longer, but apparently its only been three years. Three years of my whining and randomness! (BIG SMILES!) One day I may figure out a speciffic direction for this blog. Meanwhile thank you for tuning in and checking me out.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Guess what! I feel close to you, so I'll share...... :) I have a twitter account. Maybe if I had followers I'd actually tweet more often. I will admit that I've been using it to stalk my writer friend mostly. :)

But I guess I could stand to be more interactive especially if she gets her new idea off the ground. More details on that later.... if it actually happens. But come follow me on Twitter, I promise to be as dramatic and ridiculous as I always am. Just within the limited space for my foolishness.

Follow me:

Psst btw I'm RR LB ;) of course I am!

Havanna Twist Take Down

So, after a month I took down my twist. FIRST! Let me say that I loved my twist, lets relive some of those moments shall we:

Two of my three sisters and my niece

My lovie and I feeling good off Wine!

My sisters

Ladybug and Me

I was playing around and thought this could be cute with the right outfit and accessories.

On my way to the Niner Fan Fest

At the Niner pre-season game.

I had a ton of fun with my twist. I got so many compliments on them, and I hated to take them down when I did, but I knew it was time. A word to the wise, when you install these braids make sure you don't make them too heavy, mine were and I knew this love affair wasn't going to end nicely. Let me just say my hair is very sensitive and it doesn't respond nicely to too much tension. And these heavy braids weren't ideal for my temperamental strands. In the end I lost a lot of hair. Some of it I'm sure was normal shedding, but there was more. I cant even think about it right now. So as you see from my first picture, I'm rocking my hair pieces for a few months while I deep condition and Henna my hair to get some strength and nourishment back up there. I want Naptural's hair today.... oh well! Back to the drawing board. But it was fun while it lasted.

And now just because she's so doggone cute, here she is one more time for your viewing pleasure. I give you The Lady Bug Ladies and Gentlemen:

yep she's a cutie! Enjoy your day!