Friday, May 24, 2013

Salt Scrubs

I just got back from a trip to Minneapolis for a work event. We had a all day meeting in this skyscraper building. BUT the wonderful touch was the salt scrub in the bathroom by the sink when you washed your hands. I used it and loved how soft my hands were after using it. I decided right then and there that I wanted to make my own salt scrubs. One for my face and one for my body. I didn't think it would be too hard. I just looked it up on line, and its not hard to do at all. I've shared with a couple of my close friends that I want to do this, and they're REALLY encouraging me (kind of pushing me) to do it. LOL!
I am truly preparing myself for my hippie inner self. So let's see so farI'll go. 

I have the following on my resume:

Hair Oil
Hair and Body lotion
Facial and Body Scrubs (will make today)
Flax seed gel (Haven't made this one yet, but its coming soon)

So just in case you didn't know by now, I'm gradually moving towards all things natural. I honestly feel there's something on this earth for everything. We just don't know about them yet. Not all of them anyways. I wish my grandmother was alive cause I'd interview her for real. She's the one who told my mother to get me some Chlorophyll pills when I was having a major body odor malfunction during my adolescences. When I looked it up recently some sites were trying to discredit chlorophyll for working in this way. I'm living proof that it does work. It saved my life!

As usual, thank you for reading.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Me in Blue!

Did you guess yet? My favorite color is Royal Blue to be specific, but Blue all the same!

Any who, this was a sad and weird day for me. At the last minute I found out that a friend's grandmother passed away. This woman was truly loved, you could tell by all the people in attendance and all the tears shed. I don't know if my ambiguity is showing on my face at this moment. But I'm sure torn feelings showed on my face later. I have expressions on my face sometimes when I really wished they would just stay inside.


So I've been eating stuff like this for breakfast and lunch:

What is that you ask.... Whole wheat toast, guacamole, eggs, cheese, Morning Star sausage patties (meatless). I will follow this up with some yogurt and/or a pear. And tons and tons of water. This was my breakfast Friday morning and I was so full that I didn't eat lunch until WAY later. And then since it was so close to going home, I decided to keep it simple. I ate some Almond butter on whole wheat toast. YUM! Later that night after the gym I had a six inch subway sandwich.
Why am I telling you all this? Well I wanted to share my progress with you. The last four years have been pretty tumultuous for me. I've made some new friends, lost a few too. At some points my life has seem like its playing out in front of my eyes. Its been hard to know whether I'm coming or going. A couple to a few years ago some friends and I started doing the Fat Smash Diet. I loved it, cause I felt so CLEAN! But when things got heavy it was difficult to maintain that extremely clean way of living. So the thirty plus pounds I lost came back with a vengeance.
Since November 1st I have been working with Creating Healthy Habits to get a handle on me. So drum roll! Check it out:
Sept. 15th and May 4th

 May 14th and Sept 15th

As you can see. I still have a LONG way to go. I'm not even down to my smallest on the Fat Smash, but this time around is totally different. Cause I'm still eating the things I like, but in moderation. My trainer is living the same struggles that we all do, which helps when I'm being my normal difficult self. She looks FANTASTIC! Which is ALWAYS motivation to keep going. She didnt start off as bad as I did by a LONG shot. But my point is that she's done it, and she's showing me how. One day I'll look in the mirror and see that face I havent seen in over almost sixteen years. I cant wait! Meanwhile I'm taking babysteps.

Well, I hope I kind of entertained you with my usual ramble about nothing. As always thank you for reading. And if you feel so inclined, leave a comment if you can. Talk to you soon.