Thursday, November 17, 2016

Felicia Leatherwood is amazing!!!

This woman is THE BOMB! 

Do you know who Felicia Leatherwood is? If you're all about natural hair then you should know who she is. For those of you who don't... She is the amazing natural stylist of the stars. In 2016 I traveled to LA twice just for the privilege to meet her and learn from her. When she came to Oakland in October, I was front and center. She has a beautiful way of uplifting you as she empowers you to live out your natural hair fantasies. I could sit and listen to her talk about hair for days. 
So check it, I'm at the Oakland event and I'm sitting on the aisle listening to her speak. It was a health and wellness fair for women in this industry. I came as the totally supportive fan, while everyone else there was in the business Networking and making connections. I'm listening to Felicia speak as she has the entire audience engaged as she speaks. Even though I'm sitting on the aisle I'm not exactly certain that she would remember me since I know she meets so many people regularly. So check it, she's speaking, everyone is engaged and she stops and says, "I remember you. How are you doing?" Then she rubs my shoulder and continues to speak. Can you say I wanted to jump up and say YES! Felicia Leatherwood remembers me! Cause I'm a true fan of her work and I support her. LOL! I've followed her on Instagram for years. Then when she went on periscope I was a regular subscriber to her channel and Mahogany Knots. On Instagram she has THOUSANDS of followers, the audience was a lot smaller and I made it my business to tune in whenever she went live. Like I said I could listen to her speak all day everyday. Anywho that's how I made myself seem to her. If you don't already follow her brand check her out on Instagram @lovingyourhair . Google Loving Your Hair With Natural Care to find her Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. 

I bought 5 Felicia Leatherwood Detanglers in case I lost one. I gave my teenager her own so that she would leave mine alone. It didn't work but one can dream can't they? I love my brush and I tell everyone that they need one. Go to to order one today. When I ordered the first I figured I'd give it a try since I had a denman brush already. Immediately I noticed that my detangling sessions resulted in significantly less hair loss. That's when I fell in love. I gave cousin her own pink one cause I didn't want to give away one of my five. So what! Call me stingy, but when I found something good I'm not letting it go. 

Also through Felicia's last event in LA that I went to, I discovered Auntie Jackie's product line. I personally love her flaxseed elongating gel, her Quench leave-in conditioner, and her deep conditioner. As of now I have to order these products on line cause I can't find it locally. These three products have become staples for me. 

I can't wait for the next season of Insecure to watch her work enhance Issa's work. She has quite the list of clientele. Don't believe me, checkout her pics on Instagram for a visual list of the folks she's worked with. Anyways, I'm still trying to figure out how I can make it to her event later on this month. If I can make it, expect more pictures. 

As always, thank you for reading. Please support my friend and follow her wherever you can, you won't regret it. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Howdy all, I know I've fallen off the face of the earth. I've been preoccupied with life's challenges for sure. 
The reminder popped up on my screen this morning that today's my bloggerversary. So I felt it was only right to acknowledge this and post a few updates for you. 

I'm still on my natural hair journey. The picture above is of my recent product finds. No matter what this product makes my hair fluffy. It's super soft. Winter's coming so it's time to focus on hydration and low manipulation. 

Recently I had the honor and privilege of meeting my niece Shyia. She lives 4 hours away so it was a treat to meet her this past weekend. 

I went from no nieces to six with another one on the way. Selena will make her debut in October. 
Thus far my sister Porsha and I are the only ones who have only one child. Who knows, my little sister could decide to give us another beauty. I'm done! 

This amazing little girl graduated from high school this summer. She's in school and working two jobs. I'm so proud of her. 
I can't believe how much she's grown and how quickly she's done it either. Last year was very difficult for the both of us. Because she's such an amazing person we found our way through. When it comes to parents and children you get what you get. I've tried my best to be a good mother, and at times that has presented its challenges. The fact that she knows that I act out of love is all I need to know. 

My little drama queen told me:

"Do you promise mom? Cause if you promise then I know for fact it's going to happen."

Stinking brat had me in tears. I guess you have to have lived a life of broken promises to understand the gravity of that statement. 

Let's see, do I have any other noteworthy achievements?

OH YES! My grey hairs are coming in full force thanks to the lovely stresses of my life. I wish I could get them without the stress but I'm happy all the same. 

My weight has been the last of my worries. Yes, I need to get a handle on it. However, for the first time in life I'm not self conscious about it. It simply is what it is, and it doesn't take away from the amazing person that I am. 

Thank you, you know who you are. You helped me get here. 🤗🤗

I'm still a dork! Laughing every chance I get. I'll try to get over here more often. Make sure you subscribe so I know you're waiting for more.