Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Havanna Twist


Who knew posting simple pictures of yourself could be SO IRRITATING!!!!!! WHY OH WHY cant I rotate the view of this picture? It wasn't taken at a slant don't know why its translating this way. AND THEN I have other pictures to share and they're not even sharing properly! IRRITATING! I'm sitting over here screaming my computer! UGH!UGH! UGH!

This post is quickly becoming my WHAT in the WORLD post! All I want to do is share my hair! Why cant I do this in the manner in which I'm trying to??? ROLLING EYES SO HARD I ALMOST FELL ASLEEP!

So anyways! I saw a picture of this hair style and I decided I wanted it for myself. I love the loc'd look on my hair. But I lack the conviction to commit to them. I like brushing and combing my hair too much to actually permanently loc my hair. So what I used to do years ago was get the dread hair and have singles installed. I've been watching V-blogger like Cassandre Beccai and other use Marley hair to achieve many styles that I've wanted to try  but hadn't for whatever reason. But THEN I saw this one. I texted my braider, armed with a name and picture I asked her if she could do it. Of course she said yes, so I booked my appointment months in advance! (BIG SMILE!)
Now these things are heavy, and thick. But I like them. I had a special event this weekend. I was on YouTube looking for styling advice. But everyone manipulating their hair probably weren't dealing with freshly installed braids. Yikes! So as you see I kept it simple, cause my scalp couldn't take too much.
All in all, I have to say... YES SIR! I really like them! They're heavy but pretty, and my hair is protected for a few weeks! RIGHTEOUS!