Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Saturday in Napa

OK, so we had a wonderful weekend away. If you live in or come to visit Northern California, you HAVE to visit the wine country! I've lived out here my entire life, and I just now started exploring this adult feature. Its beautiful out there, and TONS and TONS of wine. We visited three wineries and by the third we were feeling GOOD! So I wont bore you with a bunch of words. But I will share pictures which are worth a thousand!
Yep, can you tell? I was feeling REALLY REALLY GOOD!!!

This is our quartet, my sister-in-law surprised us with a limo! We were all smiles!

There were more picture opts here, my plan is to go back and take more pictures. LOL!

My sister and my sister-in-law looking too cute in the limo. This was my sister's first trip to the wine country!

My sister and I after we survived the crow who wanted to jump in our picture. MEMORIES!

I absolutely LOVE this picture of my brother and sister-in-law. We were listening to Babyface "This is for the cool in you" and they were just mellowing out! I think this picture is completely grown and completely sexy! (BIG SMILES!)

As usual thank you for reading, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Orange & Blue

I love Old Navy! My child was an Old Navy baby. Almost all their clothes came from there. So Saturday my child had a performance, and I wanted to be comfortable. So I went to my old staple. I found a wonderful ORANGE dress. At first I didn't want orange. But when I tried it on, how could I not love it?

This dress does not cling to me, and I love it for that. I have a long way to go on my journey. And where others may see me and say I've come so far. Even looking at this picture I say I have a LONG way to go!

Saturday I had my hair out and it felt great. But this morning I decided not to look like a bush woman. So I slicked it down. It was wild and cute for Saturday. But after my workout Sunday, I was looking a HOT MESS! Oh well! Next on my list of todo's? I'm making some Flax seed gel for my hair. If I like it..... Watch out now!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

NO Sweet with the Serious

OK so you know how I have this rule that I live by? NO SWEET WITH THE SERIOUS!!!!!!! It's a pretty strict rule in my life. Sweet and Sour PORK???? Are you trying to kill me? Pork should always be SERIOUS! All my serious foods should always be serious! No sweetness to them. I know I'm dramatic but if you wanna see me have a dramatic fit, give me something I consider serious drenched in sweetness. FOR EXAMPLE!!! We went out to this FANCY restaurant in San Francisco for my cousin's anniversary. I was trying to decide what I was having. The menu said pork shank and something about grapes. RED FLAG! So I was trying to be adventurous and really consider it. Listening to my inner self I went with something else, but my sisterinlaw ordered the dish. When her plate came my insides screamed:

Do you see all the sweet stuff on the serious stuff? She said it was delicious and tender. Ok, ok it did fall off the bone, but my goodness! How about NO! And it did smell good, but THAT'S NOT MY POINT!

So now, that I've subjected you to more of my drama queen ways, you tell me have I betrayed my logic.... (swallow) Don't tell nobody ok? (Dont read anymore if you cant promise to keep this between me and you!) But there's this place in Walnut Creek that serves FRESH made ice cream. Yep I said it ice cream! Wait for it! So I go there yesterday. And this place has some traditional and a few "non-traditional" flavors. Chocolate, Coffee, Strawberry, Tequila, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Butter Pecan, etc. Yea, I tried to slip that tequila in there but hey there's rum raisin so why would tequila be weird? Then there's nontraditional like Corn, Cheese, Avocado, and a few others I cant recall off the top of my head. So I asked to taste the avocado........ OH MYLANTA!!!!!! I had to have it! So I got Avocado and Coffee. Let me tell you as dramatically as I can how delicious this was. (I'm in a dramatic place today, can you tell? LOL!) The avocado ice cream was creamy and smooth and then there were frozen chunks of SMOOTH avocado in it. (Eyes rolling back in head thinking about it.) It wasn't overly sweet, but oh so DELICIOUS! AND THEN! Mixed with the coffee it was OFF THE HOOK! I was content the rest of the day after eating that. So now, technically avocados are fruit! So technically I did not betray my logic by eating it in a ice cream. BUT does that mean, could it possibly say..... that every time I eat a delicious guacamole I am enjoying a sweet with the serious? NO! NO! Say it ain't SO!
I have decided that since avocado is a fruit technically and it can go either way it is NOT a contradiction of my rule. NO! I am not a hypocrite, stop saying that! But this is one of those grey areas for me. MY RULE STILL STANDS!!! No sweet with the serious! NOW..... Get me back to Guantnos off of Treat Blvd so I can have more Avocado Ice Cream. (smiles)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Going through it! And I'm heat Free!

Howdy all, I hope all is well on your end. How am I? You know I really thank you for asking. Thank you for caring. I'm tired, I'm sick and tired. I'm physically tired today, running on no sleep today. But my plate has been pretty full emotionally. I have to come to terms with the fact that March is just a good month for me. I thought I was doing better and that I would be OK. But by the time the anniversary of friend's passing arrived I had successfully stuffed my face with so much junk food that its a wonder I didn't undo all of my progress to date. But you know what? Lately it seems like all I have been doing is going through it or nothing. I don't really have good news to write about. People pulling on me in every direction it seems like sometimes. Oh well, I try to tell myself that it's love until they act ugly about it. Then I'm pissed about it. But I digress....

Oh but here's something good.... my hair has gotten a little longer. Break out the champagne! Yay! I've gone from needing to basically shave my head, which I didn't do. To about ear length post stretching free hanging curls. The bottom of the back of my hair stretches to the middle of my back. Sometimes I'm tempted to almost think about straightening it, just to do a length check. But that's what got me here in the first place. I'm am two years three in August heat free. With my homemade method of stretching and measuring I'm about ten inches on each side and the back and eight in the front where I had to cut out a scrunchy. SAD TIMES! Oh well. I just needed to say something cause I haven't said much. I'm still over here, trying to grow my hair and telling people to leave me alone.