Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Question of the day

I don't know about your family, as I can only speak for mine. But my family is HUGE. And within my family there are a TON of folks who all wanna stand out for one thing or another. A performing family if you will. My grandmother used to sing in night clubs with her sisters. My mom was so shocked when she found this out about her mother. I don't know if my grandmother ever sang for her children, but I cant recall ever hearing her sing. She was always quiet and reserved when I was around. BUT what that says to me is that the desire to stand out did not only generate in my Father's family. In my mother's family, as far as my immediate cousins go, they're athletes, hard workers, and they love really nice things. My father's family has some of everything. Singers, Dancers, Actors, Writers, etc.I never learned how to sing, I think that worked out in the best interest of the world. I would drive the world crazy if I could sing. I'd sing about brushing my teeth even. Dancing, now when I was younger I loved to dance. I even entertain the idea of dancing in my adult life, but my sister is the super star dancer not me. Acting..... naw, although I am bit of a drama queen, I wouldn't consider myself an actor. Writer?????? I'm beginning to believe in my ability to tell stories again. The question is, could I make money doing it? Would anyone want to read my stories? That's the question. Like everything else I don't consider myself a competitor. So you know, I will just have to wait and see. Meanwhile, I got my SS1 on my side hyping me up. So maybe one day the world may know my stories. Maybe one day...

As always thanks for reading. Even if you never say anything.