Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Can you believe it? It's been five years of blogging for me. So much has happened and my attention has split once again. 

The picture above is of my baby sister on her wedding day. I absolutely love that picture, I keep posting it all over the place. Two down and five more to go. I doubt we'll all ever be married and especially at the same time. However, I am happy to note that two of us at least are in love. 

Let's see, my baby is now a senior in high school can you dig it? 
Pretty soon she's going to graduate and then realize that her journey actually begins when she has choices and she has to choose. 

I'm going to honest, I wasn't expecting much from my Niners. We lost many key players. THEN!!! Monday nite football happened. Alright #Hyde28 you were my MVP! I'm now armed with hope and that good ole Niner inspiration! 
At work they tell people to look for the Niners when they need to find my desk. 
Did I tell you my family met Dwight Clark? Yeah baby!!!! Yeah! A friend's child's school was having a fundraiser and he agreed to come along with his Super Bowl rings. Can you see them in the hand opposite of the arm holding BreBerry? Completely awesome! He was completely nice and he invited my Niner geared up family to touch the rings. We were all too afraid to touch them, but my friend did. Even though she comes from a Raider family (sigh, she needed a flaw otherwise she'd be perfect) I loved her reception and invitation of our Niner LOVE! 
The many faces of me. Yep, I'm still a complete clown. I love that aspect of me. 
Two of my favorites! My cousin/sister and my baby sister. 
She is just like me, I bit her. 

My Rollie Pollie and my Ladybug! My bug collection ladies and gentlemen. 
My 1st baby! He's all of age and junk. To me he'll always be the baby that wanted to be with his auntie. 
I look like my momma! Finally there's proof! (Smiles)
The sun was working against me, but there's me and Dri. Up to our normal shenanigans, I drink, she drink, we drink. Calls her husband to pick us up! LOL!
I love spending time with her, she's one of my favorite people. 
I love this picture. Three of my siblings on our sister's special day. 
I told them to smile, then they melted my heart. My Noonie Baby and my cookie. 
My sister... And she's holding our newest addition, that's my AnaMi. 
What do you think? My niece, does she look like me? Here's and interesting story.  I had three of my five nieces with me. We were at Pieology in Berkeley. The teenagers were sitting at the table next to ours cause there wasn't much room. People kept coming over and saying hello because my girls are just too cute. An older gentleman comes to our table and he asks the girls if the like their pizzas. They all say yes. He looks at all of their faces then he looks at me. Yep, they look like me. Then he asks how old they are. 3, 2, and 1. He says they're all stair steps. So I said yes, then I explained that the oldest and the youngest belong to my brother and his wife while my middle baby belongs to my sister and her husband. It took him awhile to understand that "I'M NOT THE MOMMA!" LOL! I know he probably thought I was lying, oh well. My family genes are strong, what can I say? 
I love this one! And...
This one! She is not her hair, but boy do I miss it. 
Two peas out of the same pod. 

These pictures are from not only from the past year, but I felt like sharing. In addition to growing my eyebrows back (cracks up!) I'm trying to get some chill back. I've been in my feelings for awhile now. It comes and goes you know. Just like everyone else I've been going through a lot. We gotta keep on pushing, right? 
"Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it." Anne of Green Gables
However, "it's always today. Yesterday is in the past and tomorrow never comes." Don't know who said that. It might've been me, be its so true. 
So until I talk to you again, as always thank you for reading.